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Студентсиот UNESCO клуб МИТ на официалната страна на UNESCO

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Студентсиот UNESCO клуб МИТ на официалната страна на UNESCO
by Admin User - Tuesday, 31 May 2011, 1:10 PM

Со гордост ви го презентираме текстот објавен на официалната страна на UNESCO по повод работилницата на нашите студенти:

Multicultural Visualization

The MIT University student UNESCO club is implementing a project titled “Multicultural Visualization in The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” supported by the National Commission for UNESCO, with key activities running from 30 May until 1 June. The main purpose is to bring together students of different ethnic groups from different universities who will jointly create a “picture” of the multiculturalism in the country. This visualization is an effort to overcome cultural barriers, to become closer by getting to know each other, because prejudice and conflicts are usually a result of lack of knowledge. The first two days are dedicated to a workshop taking place in the old part of Skopje where a large number of monuments are concentrated - old buildings from different historical periods, churches, mosques and museums - which will help students create a better vision of the multicultural history and present of the city.

The students will take photographs and make drawings to depict life in the country, showing how people belonging to different ethnic groups live together. A discussion on ethnic discrimination, prejudice and cultural diversity will be introduced. Students’ photographs and drawings from the previous days will be exhibited. The event will close with a film screening of “Skopje and everything is possible” directed by Prof. Dr. Sonja Rizoska Jovanovska and a discussion on the movie.
This activity is implemented in the framework of the UN Joint Programme "Enhancing Inter-ethnic Community Dialogue and Collaboration" financed by the Spanish Government through the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund (MDG-F)

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